Denmark’s biggest roof-based solar power installation is on the way

Denmark’s biggest roof-based solar power installation is on the way

Taulov Dry Port’s massive warehouse and logistics buildings will soon be used for a full-scale solar power installation. The roofs have an area totalling 200.000 m2 , and will be covered with solar power installations able to generate enough electricity for the annual consumption of 4,200 homes. TOWII Renewables will be responsible for building and running the installation, while Taulov Dry Port can offer their tenants a sustainable and attractive lease concept with green energy. The installation is pioneering in its size and demonstrates a new means of generating green energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Taulov Dry Port and the two joint venture partners, PFA Pension and ADP A/S are helping to realise sustainability ambitions and have created an innovative partnership with energy company TOWII Renewables, in which utilisation of the massive roofs for production of green energy will set the standard for sustainable logistics buildings in Denmark.


45.000 m2 solar power installation on the way

The first project will be the building of one of Denmark’s biggest full-scale solar power installations covering 45.000 m2 on the roofs of new buildings covering 60.000 m2 on the warehouse and logistics site in Taulov. The roofs will be fitted with panels supplying each tenancy with green energy to the benefit of future tenants, the local population and society in general. The installation will reach production capacity equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,300 homes.

With more phases of warehouse and logistics building construction on the drawing board, the potential is enormous and the first installation is a significant step to realising the huge climate-saving potential of installing solar power on such massive roofs. The need to use power and wind to reduce our impact on the environment has never been greater, which is why Taulov Dry Port expects considerable commercial interest in the market for climate-friendly solutions.

“The climate ambitions of our customers is just as high as ours, which is why we’ve spent a lot of time on ensuring a commercial solution that will let us offer an attractive product to our tenants. The partnership with TOWII Renewables to install the panels on our roofs means that we can offer our customers attractive energy solutions in which green energy from the panels on the buildings not only supplies their tenancy, but can also be the future energy source for the transport hub at Taulov, where the shift to green fuels is in demand”, says Jesper Gemmer, CEO of Taulov Dry Port A/S.

This pioneering project will not only supply PFA’s tenants at Taulov Dry Port with 100% green energy. Once completed, the full installation will also be able to produce enough green energy to cover the running of cranes and other materiel for the Port of Fredericia, and can be the source of energy for the area’s other businesses, where demand for green energy is rising fast.

“The partnership with ADP and Taulov Dry Port is the start of our mission to realise a significant amount of electricity production from roofs in Denmark, which are otherwise completely unused. Our on-site PPA model means we can ensure that the ownership of roof-based solar powerinstallations remains with TOWII, allowing the building owner to focus on its core business while benefiting from sustainable energy. We are proud of being part of realising such a big and pioneering roof-based solar power project with our partners Solar Polaris and Hitachi Energy,” says Project Developer at TOWII Renewables, Thomas Platz Eskildsen.

The joint venture partners with green ambitions

PFA Pension is well on its way via the joint venture to realising its own ambition of leading the way with sustainability in its property portfolio to the benefit of the green transition and its pension customers.

“PFA is one of the country’s biggest property investors, and we take our responsibility with regard to the green transition seriously. We want to do so in the form of tangible activities, which the initiative with TOWII Renewables is an excellent example of, establishing as it does new capacity for the production of sustainable energy. We’re starting with a project on a property which will be completed within a year, while already examining the potential for scaling it upwards. The agreement also supports our aim of our Danish property portfolio cutting climate emissions by 29% by 2024, which will form part of our commitment to the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance”, says Mikael Fogemann, Executive Director, Nordic Real Estate, PFA Pension.