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Development of green energy in the form of wind power, solar power and battery storage throughout Denmark – and soon internationally

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About Towii

TOWII Renewables is a joint venture between the Danish EWII group and Japanese Tokyo Gas. Our owners are both local utility companies with over 100 years in business. We believe it’s our history as a utility company that is one of our biggest advantages. We have always worked locally and believe that the construction of an energy system, whether that’s a grid, district heating, fibre network or, more recently, wind and solar energy, must be locally based. Our projects are always designed to ensure that it’s not just society in its broadest sense that benefits from them. Our focus is also on creating tangible benefits locally.

TOWII Renewables works for the green transition. We want to contribute to the Danish goals for electrification, 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030, and the ultimate goal of being totally fossil free as a nation by 2050. That’s going to require a lot of change. Our job is to design, build and run new wind and solar installations on land or on roofs. From our offices in Vejle, we engage in dialogue with the public, landowners, administrations and political decision-makers on the building of new electricity production facilities as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible and to the maximum benefit of the local community


Have you achieved your targets for green transition? If you have — well done! – if not, we can help you. Sustainability is many things, and you may well already have committed to the UN’s Global Goals and CSR. But you can be even greener if the energy you use in production, in your offices and warehouses comes from either solar power or wind power. That’s something we can help you with. But what you need is a total roof or ground area of at least 10 hectares to make it pay.


Have you got more than 30 hectares of land you can spare to contribute to the green transition? If you have, we’d like to hear from you and will provide you with a no-obligation evaluation of the potential for solar power or wind power on your land. We have experts able to advise and guide you. We can produce calculations that will show whether your land is suitable for solar power or wind power, and which form of green energy would be most profitable for you.

Our personnel

Our personnel are dedicated to the green transition. They are highly qualified and work towards a common goal. TOWII shares its successes and failures, something that unites us. We have an open culture, we work and play together.

The number of employees is currently rising fast. If you want to be a member of the team, take a look at our current vacancies.