TOWII was born to produce green energy
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TOWII was born to produce green energy

Everyone’s talking about the green transition, but TOWII is already working on it! We’ve entered into a partnership with Taulov Dry Port to use the massive roof areas on their logistics sheds for a solar power installation that will be the biggest in Denmark in terms of volume. The level of green ambition is high, and the owners of ADP and PFA match the profile of partners TOWII wants to work with.

These are companies who do not just pay lip service to the green transition, they’re acting. That means that when planning an extension of Taulov Dry Port, sustainability was built in right from the start, and that our partnership is based on creating sustainable energy and doing something for the climate.

The government has set a target of quadrupling sustainable energy production on land. That requires the local authorities to take a positive attitude, and TOWII already has a number of projects in the pipeline. We’ve announced the construction of an offshore wind power test centre at Hillerup Enge, in the municipality of Esbjerg. The project is only in its startup phase, but it’s now up to the politicians and the public in general to show whether the green transformation is something we’re going to act on, or whether it’s some way off in the future. The fact is that if Denmark is going to realise its climate targets by 2030, we have to act now. TOWII intends to work to ensure sustainable energy is realised.