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Polar power is a reliable source of energy

A partnership with TOWII in which we retain ownership of the installation means you don’t have to worry about unforeseen repair costs. You can use your money on developing your core business instead!

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Electricity production from solar power installations has to cover more and more of our local electricity consumption. Experts predict that our solar power capacity can easily be increased tenfold or more within the next 10 years. Solar farms have many advantages. They make no noise, cast no shadow and can be easily concealed behind hedges. What’s more, solar power have fallen drastically in price over the last few years, to the point where it pays to install large-scale solar farms able to supply multiple businesses or homes. A solar power panel is robust as a component that can be serviced effectively. The biggest problem with solar power panels in relation to wind turbines, for example, is that they not nearly as efficient. A solar installation the same size as a wind turbine only produces a quarter of the energy. And because all the electricity generated has to be transported to the point of consumption, they are not only less cost-effective for the owner of the installation, but also require the same investment in the grid as a wind turbine does.

It’s therefore very important to think carefully where to site an installation or farm to make the most efficient use of society’s resources. A field is often ideal, because the soil may be poor and where the panels can ensure lower levels of CO2 emissions from the soil. Or because valuable groundwater may be hidden under the soil that needs to be protected from herbicides and pesticides.

And finally, there is one particular area where solar power are really beneficial to the consumers – rooftopss. Analyses have been done showing that a large part of the expansion in solar installations to come can be placed on roofs. Solar power on roofs are less of an eyesore than on the ground and they protect the grid, because the electricity they produce is consumed in the building beneath and around them.

There are many reasons why more of them have not been built yet. The first one is that the sun unfortunately does not shine more on the panels because they are on a rooftop, so large – in fact very large – roofs are needed for a modern, efficient installation. The second is that they are more complicated. The roof has to be able to bear the installation, everyone needs to know who is responsible for what if anything should go wrong, service is more demanding because it’s harder to access, and the building owner often focuses on the building, on which he will spend his money rather than generating electricity. TOWII has put together a solution we call a ‘on-site PPA’ in which it’s possible to install large solar power installations on rooftops, thereby making the maximum use of the green potential for the building owner or tenant.

Denmark’s biggest roof-based solar power installation is on the way

Denmark’s biggest roof-based solar power installation is on the way

Taulov Dry Port’s massive warehouse and logistics buildings will soon be used for a full-scale solar power installation. The roofs have an area totalling 200,000 m2, and will be covered with solar power installations able to generate enough electricity for the annual consumption of 4,200 homes.

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