Who are we?

TOWII Renewables was born with a green mission

This mission means dedication to renewable energy sources, i.e. solar and wind.

Our vision is to become the most locally committed green energy company – a vision that is based on our company’s commercial objectives: to develop, build and run CO2 efficient projects to benefit the local community. Our goal is to construct land-based wind and solar farms that will generate 1 GW of green electricity capacity by 2030.

As an active partner in the green transition, TOWII Renewables is making a contribution to Denmark’s goals of electrification, an 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030, and the ultimate goal of becoming a completely fossil-free society by 2050. This will require a lot of changes.

Local value creation

When we develop an onshore project, we have a particular understanding of how the project can connect with local interests in the most appropriate way. We have therefore developed our own concept to ensure that a fair proportion of each of our projects is dedicated to local value creation.

Part of our efforts also involve securing a direct route to market for our green energy, and TOWII Renewables maintains an ongoing dialogue with local and national companies to ensure a close collaboration with power consumers.

International culture – Danish and Japanese roots

TOWII Renewables A/S was founded in 2022 as an international joint venture between the EWII energy group and Tokyo Gas. Both stakeholders are local utility companies with well over 100 years of experience.

We consider our particular background as a utility company to be one of our biggest strengths. We have always worked at a local level and understand that any expansion of the energy system, regardless of whether this means the electricity network, the heating network, the fibre network or wind turbines and solar cells, must be rooted locally.


Oliver Wolgast, CEO
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Yusuke Odate, CFO
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Søren Kjær, CDO
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Hiroyuki Nagasaki, CSO
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