Creating the green transition together

Are you a municipality decision maker?

Our development of wind turbine and solar power projects involves our extensive experience of collaborating with numerous different stakeholders: landowners, nearby neighbours, other local and relevant parties and, not least, authorities, such as the municipality involved.

We have extensive experience in visualising the project and an in-depth knowledge of the many considerations that need to be taken into account in extensive projects such as these. At the same time, we are very interested in maintaining positive partnerships with the administration, so we ensure that project planning and process involve and are coordinated with the relevant municipal parties.

Does your municipality seek dialogue about opportunities for the development of and possibly cooperation on wind and solar energy projects to realise your climate plan and initiatives towards your municipality’s green transition? If so, let’s have a non-binding chat about your municipality’s potential and options.

We are also pleased to be available to answer questions and engage in dialogue with relevant committee forums and decision-makers from your municipality. Contact us 

Søren Kjær, CDO
+45 28 35 73 21