Creating the green transition together

Are you a decision-maker in a municipality?

When developing our wind turbine and solar panel projects, we have extensive experience collaborating with various stakeholders, including landowners, local neighbors, other community members, and particularly authorities, including the relevant municipality.

We have substantial expertise in visualizing the project and a comprehensive understanding of the numerous considerations involved in extensive projects like these. Additionally, we have a keen interest in fostering collaboration with the administration to ensure that project planning and processes are inclusive and coordinated with the relevant municipal entities.

Does your municipality seek dialogue about development possibilities and potential collaboration on wind turbine and solar panel projects to realize your climate plan and initiatives that support the green transition in your municipality? Let’s have a discussion about the potential and your options.

We are available for questions and discussions with relevant committees and decision-makers in your municipality. Contact us

Søren Kjær, CDO
+45 28 35 73 21