Are you considering a wind or solar power project?

Do you own a large piece of land?

If you are interested in green transition and own a larger suitable piece of land with good distance to other residential properties, you may consider releasing your land for the production of renewable energy in the form of wind turbines or solar panel installations.

We assist in assessing whether your land is suitable for solar panels or wind turbines, and which form of green energy is most profitable for you.

Our concept is quite simple: we buy/lease your land, develop, build, and operate wind turbines or solar panel installations. This means that you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs and power sales agreements – you can use your money and time to develop your core business.

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Suitable land

The suitability of your plot of land as a site for a wind farm or solar power project depends on various factors that serve to optimise production conditions such as the size and shape of the plot of land, the distance to the transformer station and other factors such as the distance to housing, natural conservation areas and air traffic, etc. All these factors are included in an overall assessment.

Encourage good neighborliness

When we develop an energy project, we have a particular understanding of how the project can connect with local interests, such as the neighbours who live in the area. We have therefore developed our own concept to ensure that a fair proportion of each of our projects is dedicated to local value creation.

Schemes for wind turbines and solar panels

The Danish Energy Agency administers four schemes under the auspices of the Danish Act on the Promotion of Renewable Energy.

These schemes aim to promote the local population’s acceptance of and commitment to the development of wind turbine and solar parks.
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Project optimisation

Regardless of whether our investigation of a project takes place on the basis of an inquiry from one or more landowners or is based on our own pre-screening, our assessment of the project’s potential takes place from a holistic perspective, into which we also integrate an economy that is attractive to both landowners and local communities alike.


The economics of green energy projects are typically attractive compared to ordinary farming. This depends, of course, on a specific assessment.